Dive Type: Fresh Water
Entry: Shore
Skill Level: Beginner
Depths: Lake Depth 80′ Typical 20-30′
Temperature: Spring 40’s , Summer 60’s , Fall 50’s
Visibility: Average is 20-40′
Location: RT. 101 , Doublin, NH


Dublin Lake is located on route 101 in Dublin NH. The lake is a spring fed with minimal boating activity. Depths in the lake can reach upwards of 80′ if you are looking to get cold and deep.
There is one primary entrance point, although if your interested in exploring you can try any others. Just make sure if its private land you have permission from the owners.
The bottom is mostly silt and mud but at the entrance point its is gravelly, to assist in a clean entrance.
There are various rock structures that you can explore, and they usually are teaming with the local wildlife, Large Mouth Bass, Perch and Sunfish to name a few.


Dive Site Notes:


This is a great site for new divers and is frequently use as a Open Water training site. With nice gradual slope from the shore to 30′ it doesn’t take long to get to depth but its not a straight drop. Once at 30′ there are few areas to explore and also the ability to drop to 80′ in a relative short period of time.
One area of caution is the entrance point there are a couple of large boulders and a slight slope.
Best practice for entrance is to assemble your gear on shore then put your BC, Mask, Snorkel and Fins on once in the water.
Caution should be taken it is an active lake and NH law requires a Diver Down Marker buoy and divers to be within 75′ of the marker. Underwater watch out for fishing line it can be a tangle hazard.

Dive 1 – Memorial Rock

This suggested dive is an easy dive in shallower depths that give you plenty of time to explore. Drop in at the entrance point and head out and down to about 20-25′. You should see the slope of the lake taper off and be on a mini wall or slope. Try to stay off the bottom so you don’t stir up too much silt and head in a 300 degree heading but basically follow the contour and slope of the lake. If you are a leisurely swimmer then in about 7-10 minuets you should arrive at the boulder field. Signs you are getting close hanging at the 22′ mark the contour should disappear and the bottom get flat and lightly grassy. Stay on your heading don’t follow the contour or you will miss the boulders.
There are usually a lot of fish hanging around beneath the rocks. You also should keep an eye out for a memorial plaque placed for a local diver, and you might get surprised by a gnome or two. If you still have enough air and you are done exploring you can head out a little deeper around 26′ and continue on in under a minute you should be on a second boulder field.
To return retrace your path, if you are at 20-22′ and see a hula hoop tied to a brick you have arrived back to the entrance.

Dive 2 – The Wall and the hole

Second dive is a little different then the first, if you drop down to the 22-26′ mark and head left instead of right (First Dive) out at about 140 degrees and continue down to 25′ . In a few short minutes of finning you should come across a large rock structure to explore. From there you can continue down if you so choose to depths of downwards of 80′. Be aware, there is a thermal cline that likes to hang out at around 30′ then another at about 50′. You may start out at the surface in the 60s but by the time you hit 50′ you could be in the high 40’s so gear up appropriately. The rock structure is interesting lots of fish to look at and poke around. To return retrace your path, look for the hoop in 22′ and you’re back.

Reference Material:

NH Wildlife bathymetry map Dublin Lake